WiFi Digital Photo Frame

HUA ER  Display Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. As a professional LCD manufacturer, it has been recognized for its quality and capabilities and has become a high-tech enterprise certified by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Including digital photo frames, has its own R&D department, including software and hardware.


Application scenarios: Widely used in digital photo frames, WIFI LCD displays, advertising players, digital signage; personal use, commercial use, public use, government use, etc., and can also be used for bank/medical institutions for customer service evaluation. For example, as a gift: the first choice fashion gift for parents, children, women, and commercial use; for families, private exhibitions, meeting rooms, living rooms, hotels. Shopping malls, buses, restaurants, subways, supermarkets, hospitals, banks, offices, gas stations, commercial buildings, homes, etc.


Structure: Wooden frame; LCD IPS high-definition display, restore true color; large touch screen, easy to operate; 180° full tilt angle; high-quality polycarbonate shell, can maintain long-term service life and durability; built-in VESA, easy to install on the shelf ; Compact design magnetic remote control for easy storage; built-in G sensor, which can automatically take photos in portrait mode; IPS screen with 178° viewing angle: excellent display effect in extreme viewing angles; exquisite screen design; normal display viewing angle For 120-140°, our product’s top and bottom viewing angles are as high as 178°, the effect of each angle is no deviation, color saturation; we use high-quality Samsung/LG screens, the display effect is better than other B/C quality or second-hand screens ; We use the latest FHD solution chipset, which supports 1080P full HD playback and almost all common formats; we use an IC board adapter, MCU, which can control the current and ensure that there are no safety issues.


Features: video decoding up to 1080p; takes you to visit top ten art museums, high-definition cloud photo frame, the art world at your fingertips; IR remote control, flexible and convenient operation; proprietary design and protective user interface to protect customers to retail Marketing strategy of the company; LCD digital photo frame wall-mounted advertising machine; super analog image quality; horizontal and vertical screens, wide application range: adapt to advertising in different industries, practicality in different locations; best digital picture frame with central control software Advertising screen; share your moments: from photos to frames, your favorite memories; high-definition IPS screen resolution, IPS screen full viewing angle and clear eyes, touch screen design allows you to easily set the frame and view photos; touch screen support ; Support pictures and videos (14s) for remote display, shared ID allows your family to update the frame information at any time

Multi-user connection, the device can be connected and interacted by multiple users, unlimited sharing

Touch panel: Rotate back and forth and flip through anything you want

Rotate display: you can see horizontal or vertical photos



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