Why Marvel Outdoor stand lcd digital signage display Stand out

With smart city project developing, more and more outdoor digital signage screen are required to play advertising, save print paper and poster. Marvel have focus on outdoor totem with over 10 years experience, we can supply lcd screen size from 32 inch to 86 inch, it used 5-8mm tempered glass, can pass the IK10 anti-collision level test, the main advantage is below:

All weather/Vandal Proof/Water Proof/Anti-Graffiti Protection/IP65/IP66 level/Anti-Glare


High brightness
1500—3000 nits, some model even can be 5000 nit, can be adjust brightness according to the sunlight and environment, more power saver.


Besides that, marvel can supply Cooling and Heating System and optional bonding model
Cooling fans/ Air conditioning/Heater/Optional bonding


With abundant OEM & ODM experiences, with modern hardware & accustomed software within our products, competitive pricing and the best technical service for our customers, we base such as on X86 PC solutions, Android solutions and digital photo frame solutions, we have build with Leakage switch, surge, timing power supply 12v power supply 24v power supply 48V drive board fan speed control board computer board


To help clients manager outdoor totem or screen, marvel have develop with OMC system, which is use for monitoring the working status of the totem, like temperature, humidity, screen on/off status, fan’s working speed, check if door closed well and so on, this save lots of labor work compare to traditional maintenance method. Marvel company offer free cloud service for this OMC system and also CMS system which is use for remotely content management, can help you manage all the sites all around the city or even all around the world just with network connection


1.Every product includes 10 kinds of sensors (light sensor, door opening sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, vibration sensor, safety monitoring sensor, ponding sensor, smog sensor, collision sensor,tilt sensor).


  1. Problem and status monitoring software included.

3.Trouble shooting by software included.

4.Use software Remote Check key working performance by Group

5.Unnormal work alarm generation.


Control interface supporting:

  1. RS232  Marvelprovide API and instruction protocol.
  2. TCP/IP  Marvel provide technical supporting.


Cloud service supporting:

1.CMS :http://inf.marveltechgroup.com


OMC ID: test

Password: test


  1. Marvel can support to help Customer to setup their own server.



When you come in, you will see this details:



Application:  bus station, municipal project, Building government, parking lot, tourism, and so on


If you have any new inquiries related to LCD digital signage, please feel free to contact with us!



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