The importance of Digital Outdoor Signs

Marketing is all about your return on investment. You want to spend as little as possible on advertisements to earn as much as possible in sales.


That’s why you should take a serious look at digital outdoor signs if you haven’t already. If you’re not familiar with them, digital outdoor signs can feel a little foreign. But they’re actually very straightforward. Here’s a quick overview of the most important things to know about them. A digital outdoor sign can be any outdoor screen that shows an advertisement. For example, digital billboards, digital posters and standalone digital screens are all examples of digital outdoor signs.


Companies use these screens to engage their target demographic while they’re not already occupied with work or their personal lives. That’s one of the main reasons why this type of advertising has such a high ROI. If you’re just getting into outdoor digital signage, you may be wondering if going digital is really worth it. So here’s a look at why digital beats analog when it comes to outdoor signs.


  1. Hold your audience’s attention longer

Digital content is simply much more engaging than analog content. That’s because it’s often a higher resolution, which lets it make more of an impact on the space that it’s in.


The net result is that your target audience may form a more meaningful connection with your brand if you advertise with digital outdoor signs instead of analog ones.


  1. Be more creative

Digital outdoor signs also open up new avenues to express your brand’s personality in creative ways. For example, you can add things like animations and videos to digital signs. And you can rotate through several displays to tell more cohesive stories to your audience.


  1. Make faster and cheaper updates

Another cool feature of digital signage is that it’s much easier to update than its analog counterparts.


With a digital sign, you can make any changes that you want to your display on a simple internet-enabled device and then broadcast them to the sign instantly.


Compare that to the lengthy process of manually updating an analog display and it’s easy to see why digital outdoor signs are a preference for many companies.


  1. Share multiple displays on a single screen

You can also do more with a single screen when you go digital. You can rotate through multiple displays on a single screen so that you can do more with less.


  1. Integrate your ads with other technologies

Digital outdoor signs also let you integrate other types of marketing channels into your ads. For example, you can display something like a QR code on your digital outdoor sign to send people to your website or your app.


Another idea is to share your audience’s social media posts on your digital outdoor sign. This can be a really effective way to get more people to engage with your brand online.



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