Stand Alone Digital Signage

They are many digital signage company out there With the development of technology , Digital signage has taken place traditional static advertisement in many filed,As you can see in the street ,Here I would like to talk about another Digital signage with auto hand sanitizer dispenser


You may wonder what kind of feature does Marvel technology have ?


They are different size available ,21.5 inch /32 inch/ 43 inch mostly in common,it can just be installed in a wall or just install in the lobby from a hotel or bank or restaurants etc



First when you get close the digital signage ,the machine will remind if you are wearing a mask or not,if you don’t then machine can send a alarm and a voice remind if different language ,second when you keep eyes in front of camera,the camera can detect your face and record your attendance,if you add a temperature scanner ,it can also report your temperature quickly and accurately,after all these done,you can put your hands close to the dispenser ,it will automatic spray liquid or gel or foam to wash your hands ,the tank container could be like 1000ML ,it can be used between 800-1200 times before refill, intelligently to send you email for reminding


Marvel digital signage solution combined video/image/ digital number/ voice with cloud publishing system,it is free that comes with product itself,the device comes with CMS and OMC for free,CMS is short of Content management system ,you can manage video or picture remotely ,you can check the device remotely as well


Unique Features

Compared with other vendors, Marvel team could provide maintenance-free service when it is needed,we have English-speaking engineer who could guide you or assistant with you ,Just remember we are only a phone call away during business hour


The device has passed CE test /CB Certified /ROHS Certified /BIS Certified.

and other certification like ETL for North America market


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