Outdoor advertising digital display screens applications

Nowadays, the market is flooded with outdoor advertising digital display screens applications. Therefore, the need for sustainability and readability of LCD panels placed in direct sunlight has become more and more important. However, to provide high-quality LCD displays under direct sunlight, many challenges need to be faced, including overheating, waterproofing, sustainability, and readability issues.

First, Lets through some light on the  factors that affect the readability of high-brightness displays in the sun.

The sunlight visibility of the monitor is affected by the difference between the brightness and the ambient sunlight shining on the screen of the system. Since a transflective LCD or TFT (“Thin Film Transistor”) LCD display does not emit light, it needs a backlight as an external light source. The light emitted by the LCD monitor is very low compared to the light emitted by the sun, causing the LCD screen to be almost completely black in a sunny environment, especially when exposed to direct sunlight.

Optical bonding is a technology developed specifically for high-brightness displays. It solves the problems faced by users of sunlight-readable displays at an extremely reasonable price.

Optical bonding technology involves inserting a transparent optical-grade resin in the space between the LCD panel and the outer protective glass layer that bonds them together. As a result, an airtight area was created, eliminating two reflective surfaces. Thus, an anti-reflective coating was applied to the outside of the protective glass, which also helped reduce surface reflection.

The advantages of optical bonding include: enhanced daylight readability can be stretched to 400%, enhanced impact resistance can be extended to 300%, and can withstand extreme temperatures, making it easier to screen thinner and lighter display patterns, and also Can prevent fogging and condensation.

Marvel  technology group so far already  mature use optical bonding technology on the outdoor signage displays. This optical bonding technology  not solves the problems of sunlight-readable displays, also can make  thinner outdoor digital display signs ,they look more beautiful .




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