What’s the nano touch foil? It is made of two pieces of thin film and a layer of nanowires is sandwiched between the two films, which can sense the touch of a human hand.

The Nano touch foil is a new style and transparent fil, it cannot be seen by our eyes, also can be attached to the media like transparent glass, LCD monitor, LED displayer and so on.

The touch foil adopt Nano sensing technology, can penetrate glass or other media to realize finger motion sensing. All devices are on the back of media(glass), ensuring equipment management and asset safety. It thickness is 0.5mm,and we can touch it by finger, with glove, and special baton. We can watch the high-quality product multimedia advertisement in the outdoor street, and touch the glass surface of the window with fingers to select and query the display content. When no one touches within a certain period of time, the system will play the set advertisement or other selected information independently. When someone touches, it will automatically switch to the state of interactive information inquiry.


The touch foil work temperature at:-20°C>+60°C,Work humidity in 40°C,90%RH,The storage temperature:-30°C>+70°C, Storage humidity in 40°C,90%RH


The touch foil applies for touch field, it can realize interactive projection systems, touch all-in-one machines, touch coffee tables/tables, touch walls, touch TVs, touch kitchens and other products. These system integration products or solutions can be applied in exhibition halls, exhibition halls, shopping malls, hotels, stations, Airport, government, family, teaching and other occasions.

For Security field, since nano touch technology has precise positioning function, so it can also use its precise positioning feature to develop security products that accurately locate thieves in combination with weapon systems, etc., which can realize positioning carpets (security carpets), security walls, and so on.

For Unattended field, it attaching the nano touch film to a transparent medium can realize the function of air-tap touch, increase the user’s interactive experience and sci-fi sense of the product, and is suitable for places that are open 24 hours a day and unattended.


HUA ER touch foil could support 10.1-220’’ size available, have professional technical engineer support and reliable quality and stable operation. and now our touch film could not only support multi-touch 12 points up to 40 touch points but also have waterproof, vandal proof, anti-pollution and anti-light interference.


About touch foil how to installation, packing and more details you could refer from our company website. Our company website link for your reference: www.huaer-display.com.



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