High Brightness Shop Window LCD Display

Shop windows, like any specific application, have a particular set of needs when it comes to choosing an LCD monitor. Consider why you are installing a shop window LCD monitor. Do you want to attract attention from passers-by? Do you need to display content that is updated regularly? Do you want to show video content, moving animations, or static images and text? From how far away do you want the screen to be readable?

Marvel Technology has developed the High Brightness Shop Window LCD Display,   which brightness can be made highest as 5000nits, to make sure the screen is readable from a long distance. Besides, we are using the High TNI LCD panel, which operation temp. is 110℃, so the screen is working properly even with direct sunlight.

Main specifications including:

  1. Standard size of 49inch-75inch;
  2. Android or Windows OS ;
  3. WIFI and Bluetooth;
  4. Single-side or Double-sided screen;
  5. High brightness 2500nits – 5000nits;
  6. High TNI LCD panel optional (110℃ working temp.)
  7. Content Management Software (CMS)

Shop window LCD display typically operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hence you will need to make sure the LCD monitor is designed for full time operation, with maximum reliability. This can be achieved by choosing a screen that uses industrial grade components, like our company Marvel Technology.




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