Digital Signage-Difference Between LCD Vs LED Display

While a standard LCD screen uses fluorescent backlights, an LED screen uses light-emitting diodes for backlights. LCD screens usually have superior picture quality, but they less brightness than the LED screens. And some backlight configurations create better images than the LED screens. So, LCD display is good for Indoor of Commercial Display and LED display is good for outdoor of Commercial Display.


The indoor display mainly uses LCD display technology, because of its high resolution, fine colors, stable product performance, and easy installation and maintenance. Due to the “outdoor” special use environment, commercial advertising display products are required to have high brightness, protection, and durability.


Marvel technology focus on develop high brightness LCD display for indoor use area. The brightness can reach to 5000nits. As below high brightness LCD display for shop windows.

Although LCD occupies part of the digital signage market, its low-brightness characteristics limit its application in outdoor advertising scenes. Therefore, in order to seize the opportunity of outdoor digital signage, Marvel technology have develop brightness higher than 4000nit and IP protection level Products higher than 56 product for outdoor.



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