360 photo booth is a 360-degree omni-directional photo booth, First part of our 360 camera booth is base,we have Four different sizes, and the load-bearing capacity of different sizes of base is different. 68cm: 1 Person, 80CM:1-2 people can hold150kg, 100CM:2-4 people can hold 200kg and 115CM:4-6 people hold 300kg. You could according your needs to choose the size.

360 photo booth
360 photo booth

360 photo booth can be customized with different shapes, such as square, heart, diamond shape and so on.  Whole set including Spherical Bracket,platform ,Motor ,Ajustable arm ,Base ,Metal Motion Arm ,Remote controller for motor ,Iphone/ipad/Gopro camera bracket ,13 inch Fill Light ,Motion Arm Balance Frame ,Remote Control for camera shutter ,DSLR Camera Stand,Installation Kit. It can be packed in carton box , wooden box or flight case.

360 photo booth apply for many occasions, such as Celebrations, Conference,Sales promotion, Birthday Parth, Weddings, Holiday parties, Business event,Concert, DJ & Bar.  Customers are from all over the world, and they love it very much.


And we have three different brackets could installed on the arm. First, is DSLR tripod head, base ball adjust shooting angle.Rotate the scaled base to adjust the direction,Use the knob to fix the bracket that ensure the safety of use. Second, is Spherical bracket ,it can be installed on the camera and compatible bracket and used with fill light. Third , is Ipad /Iphone compatible bracket compatible for Ipad,Iphone and surface.Strong and durable ,safe to use with1/4 screw interface.


360 Photo Booth for rocker arm separation support structure is adopted to avoid the shaking of shooting caused by the shaking of people on the platform. The foot pads at the bottom will make the platform more stable. The rotating bracket adopts a lever counterweight balance structure to increase the stability of the rocker arm during rotation and further alleviate the problem of lens shake during shooting.


For software, there are 3holds (for phone, pad, and power bank).

You can fix your phone/pad on it and take videos/photos with public free software such as tiktok and edit afterward if needed.

If you need software, following public software you may try :

  1. Darkroom(DSLR,GoPro)
  2. Touchpix (Recommended) support iPhone and iPad
  3. SNAPPIC support iPad
  4. Fotozap support iPad
  5. Canva

Accept many softwares…You can find more



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